A Day Off...

So today I took the day off. Well the day off of being primary care giver and teacher. I had meetings to attend to...and a radio interview on one of our local stations about the HELPcampaign I'm a part of, and about being an entrepreneur. But this isn't about that. This is about leaving my husband in charge. The kids had explicit school instructions and assignments to complete. He just needed to supervise and feed them. That's it. My time away was to overlap with one an appointment of his...so there would be about 15 minutes the kids would be alone. This is not a big deal seeing that my oldest is 14 and they can be home alone. But here is the scene I came home to... I walk in the house...(remember they have been alone for 15 minutes)...my three girls have cranked up the iPod speakers in the living room, they have pretend microphones and they are dancing to Beyonce. Yup, true story. My son...is downstairs glued to a TV and PS3. Did I mention these are things FORBIDDEN during the school day? Always forbidden? So I proceed to stop the madness...no big deal. I go to the laptop to grade school work done to find my lovely son played Beethoven on the keyboard and now the screen is completely sideways! SIDEWAYS! I'm a Mac girl...this is a PC...we are not friends. But I am a techie (shhhh don't tell) and I figure it out. Again, problem solved. Then the stories begin. "Hey mom, guess what we did?" Do I want to know....really? Yet I ask. "What did you do?" and thus they begin. First, they changed all the clocks in the house, including dads laptop clock to a much later time. When he came in they said it was lunch time and would he help them get started with lunch. Effect taken. Dad freaks and panics about upcoming appointment, and says he has to go. Full A.D.D. moment. Then he looks at his cell phone. Ha Ha Ha. Joke over. And then. "Guess what else we did?" (Notice they are still stupid enough to tell me these things) Oldest son and middle daughter locked his bedroom door and climbed out his window and went to the front door and knocked. Did I mention this is quite a large drop? Dangerously large? And that it is cold in Michigan in the winter especially when unproperly clothed? Needless to say, before you freak out and say I am one of THOSE homeschooling mothers....these things do NOT happen under my watch. EVER. Even when they were telling me the stories they thought they were hilarious because they KNOW they cannot do this with me. It was like a bad nanny story. A really bad one. Lesson? Tomorrow when I have a meeting at the Art Museum...I am taking them with me. And truly, they will be perfect, angelic even. But when under dad's watch? A true comedic routine. And THAT my friends...is the reason I am the "mama"!

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