A fantastic modesty trick I learned from my teens! - Fashion Tip Tuesday

A fantastic modesty trick I learned from my teens! - Fashion Tip Tuesday
Let's face it. I'm just not ready to embrace shape wear. I know its value. I know its necessity. But there is part of me that just won't do it. Now, I'm not going to lie. There have been days where I have struggled to pull on the Spanx...and then seen the amazing transformation. But still I cringe. It's like putting me in a push up bra. Try as I might, there are just some things you can't fake!
Side track...if you want to know and grasp the beauty of shape wear - you have to read this post by my friend Jo-Lynne at Musings of a Housewife. She's just the bomb.
That being said, my girls, my teenage girls have taught me an amazing trick in modesty. Spandex. It seems many girls, women, ladies show us WAAAAY too much of their undergarments. Agreed? Pants that low rise, or gap. Skirts that you can't bend over in. And have sweet mercy if the wind blows! Honey, I just don't care to see your thong...and neither does anyone else. Really. We always practice the bend over rule with dresses and shorts and pants. If I can see your "stuff" in the dressing room...someone...somewhere is gonna see it too. "Not-gonna-happen." We drill modesty. And let me tell you, it is not easy TO be modest. But the beauty of spandex is it's there for "just in case" moments. You know, "just in case" the wind is strong. "Just in case" you fall down the stairs. "Just in case" you have to sit on bleachers. Get it? It's brilliant really. My girls - aren't they a vision of beautiful, sweet, young ladies?
And then...BAM! Fashionable protected!
They even wear spandex under sport shorts and sweat pants. Anything that MIGHT gap, or they MIGHT have an issue with. I too have embraced this brilliance. It's just too good to pass up. I feel more free in my summer dresses than ever before! And hey, you just might want mix it up with shape wear instead of spandex. So what do I mean my spandex? The girls have played volleyball. So they wear "official" volleyball wear spandex shorts. (And seriously, if I had to wear those as my SHORTS when I was playing volleyball...I may have chosen another sport!) You can purchase them at any sporting good store. So there you go. An easy way to maintain your modesty and feel confident the next time the wind blows...or you happen to find yourself on a trampoline...in a dress. It COULD happen. Do you have an amazing fashion tip to share? I'd love to know! xooxooxo lisa

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