A New Day....

So have my circumstances changed as of a new morning? No! Has my attitude? Absolutely! I came to realize yesterday just how big my God is and how healing a cup of tea can be :)
As for my ramblings...did I actually believe anyone would read them and then even bother to comment? Not really. But those individuals that did were such a blessing to me. Not only did they encourage me and lift my spirits, it was a reminder of just how God really does care about my circumstances and my future.
I was forced to look at the "haves" rather than focus on the "have nots". I HAVE a husband who loves me. I HAVE four children that are healthy and beautiful. I HAVE a home, food and clothing. I HAVE my creativity. I HAVE people in my life who care about me.
And you know what really made me smile? My dog. I know you're thinking "not again with the dog thing". But think of the picture of unconditional love. Selah is just there to love me. I might neglect to feed her right away when she's hungry. I might make her wait a little too long to go out, or even step on her tail. What does she do? She comes to me wagging that same tail saying "I forgive you...just love me!"
That to me was a very visual and real reminder of who Jesus is to me and how He loves me...unconditionally!
So today my head is lifted a little higher, my smile a little brighter and my mood on the up and up. For right now, I'm sipping my coffee, snacking on fruit and granola and awaiting the arrival a friend for breakfast.
Who knew I would really need that this morning? Gee....I wonder!

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