a note to mothers with sons

a note to mothers with sons
I know it feels as if you are forever changing diapers.
I know you wonder why he drives that matchbox car into the wall over and over.
Or why everything becomes a gun or drumsticks.
Why dirt and mud seem to follow him wherever he goes.
Why farts and burps are the funniest thing known to mankind.
Why laundry never gets put away and why towels lay in heaps.
But that boy of yours is growing up. And someday? Someday he will become a man.
I caught a glimpse of that the other night.
My manchild.
18 years old - 6 foot two.
He can easily pick me up or knock me down.
Almost a man. Yet still a boy.
But I caught a glimpse.
A glimpse of maturity.
A glimpse of compassion.
A glimpse of understanding.
I found myself listening to him.
Not just listening as a mother.
But listening…adult to adult. To his wisdom, his thoughts, his opinion.
I valued it.
And as I turned and walked out of his room…stepping over the pile of laundry and crumpled towel. My heart was full. Because I caught a glimpse.
A glimpse of a wonderful. Honorable. Wise man.
a moment captured by his sister. praying at 1st base before his game.
I know tomorrow I will pick up pieces of pepperoni as he eats pizza standing by the counter. I will tell him to pick up his socks, and stop burping in his sisters ears. And more than likely he will tick me off for some unknown reason. At that moment I will try to remember. Remember that glimpse.
He still has plenty of time to be a boy.
But now I know, I mean really know, there is a good man growing inside of him.
And I am very very proud. I Love you Noah. ~ mom

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