A Patriotic Fourth of July

A Patriotic Fourth of July
I love the Fourth of July, it tells me that yes, in fact, summer has begun!
So, here's to summer...
and fun and vacations and sun and parades and family and candy grabs and water fights and brown skin and docks and fishing and friends and tubing and hamburgers on the grill and sparklers and fireflies and tank tops. Here's to all things we should allow our inner child to embrace.
And when you live in the "north country" summer is just that much more extra special!
I painted tattoo's while we waited for the parade - Isabel wanted a sleeve!
Anneke, just chillin....
Tahlia, she is my firework...it fits!
The first catch of summer! LOL!
It took several attempts, but they finally got what I wanted!
What is summer for YOU? What do you look forward to doing? What will YOUR inner child embrace this month?
BE creative!
~ lisa

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