A proud mama day for me.

A proud mama day for me.
Saturday is a big day in our house.
It's the step before the BIG step of sending our boy off to college.
He is officially signing to play baseball at Cornerstone University. We are so proud.
Proud of the man he is. Proud of the man he is becoming.
This is kinda a big deal.
I still look at him and marvel that he is mine. He's a man. Well he LOOKS like a man. But to me he is still that cute little boy that loved his mama so and always talked through his nose! My 6'2" man child.
This baseball journey began long ago. He loves this sport. Every part of it.
And let me tell you, it's pretty exciting watching his dreams unfold!
Stay tuned to my Facebook page and Instagram for updates on our big day with Noah! I'm pretty sure I'll be documenting every single moment! What? It's a MOM thing. Right?

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