A VERY Productive Unproductive Day

A VERY Productive Unproductive Day
Today I got NOTHING done. Well, nothing in terms of my business, that is. Okay, that's not true either. I had a few sales, I sent out a couple tweets, I updated my price sheets. But really, that hardly counts.
What I DID do is fill my emotional tank with "baby". I don't know what it is about me...but I LURVE me some baby. I crave them. I need them. I should have had about 100, but then I'm fairly sure I'd be terribly unstable. And can you imagine 100 teenagers? I digress....
I had the privilege of babysitting my brand new GREAT niece and her adorable big brother this morning. Of course my girls came along to help...it was a homeschool lesson in "baby care". I'm pretty sure that counts for SOMETHING!
But truly, for as unproductive as I was in the studio....my emotional tank is full to the brim. And THAT my friends is worth every second of baby snuggles!
Sometimes you need to do something that is just good for you. You know what it is...a walk, a run, a mani/pedi. Whatever is your thing. Fill that tank of yours and you will be the better for it. Self care is definitely one of those things that I forget to do, and I can always tell. Something will suffer. So today, I helped my sister (aka GRANDMA) and my niece by babysitting. And in the end, those couple hours did ME a world of good.
And since my other creative passion is photography....I introduce you to this sweet baby girl...

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