A Year in Review...What did I accomplish in 2010

I read a lot of blogs...they inspire me, they give me great ideas, they make me laugh. But one blog in particular, motivates me almost daily. That is Seth Godin's blog. And today he encouraged his readers to make a list of their accomplishments this year. A way of looking back to seeing progress. After a sleepless night, worrying about what I have to accomplish NEXT...I welcomed this task. I needed this task. I need the encouragement. Sometimes it's awesome to look back, sometimes it is painful. This has been a crazy year. So many unexpected(s). So whether of not anyone reads this...it might do my heart good. Here goes:
  • design a new line for the Grand Rapids Art Museum "Calder Inspired"
  • eightWest does an interview in my studio featuring the Calder line
  • begin blogging at regular intervals
  • host an event at the Grand Rapids Art Museum about jewelry that tells a story
  • Fox morning news feature with Emily Richett
  • Women's Lifestyle magazine COVER!
  • having commerce website up and running
  • creating a significant online presence in social media
  • From Paris with Love event at BarDivani
  • Grand Rapids Press Sunday feature with CraftSanity
  • Type A Mom conference in Asheville, North Carolina
  • hiring a business coach and choosing to UpLevel my business with Christine Kane
  • host a huge Open House at my studio
  • create a spotlight video for StudioJewel
  • Rapid Growth feature on growing businesses in Grand Rapids
  • Fox morning news feature with Emily Richett about "Gifts that give Back"
  • eightWest feature about Christmas gift ideas
But what I really accomplished in this year was not monetary or business-like. It did not make the cover of any magazines or post on Twitter.
What I most accomplished has to do with my family, that I love so dearly.
  • In all the busyness I continued to homeschool my children. They finished strong in the spring...and I was so proud!
  • I took them downtown to give out FREE HUGS in order to raise money and awareness for Guiding Light Mission. We were ALL impacted.
  • I coached my daughters volleyball team and had a blast with "my girls"!
  • We made posters and talked about GOOGLE FIBER and how that would impact our community. They got excited about something for our community.
  • I attended a zillion (ok maybe not THAT many) baseball and softball games.
  • My son started high school...honors classes...that made me feel as if I had prepped him well!
  • There were days at the beach, and Thunder Country Jam.
  • There were memories of a thousand things I would not trade for any sort of business success.
And the very best part. The thing that keeps me going each and every day. What motivates me for tomorrow? It's the hugs. The "I love you mom". The "I want to sit by mom" wherever we go.
They like me. They really, really like me.
And THAT is the very best part of 2010.
wishing the best to each of you!
xoxoxo, lisa

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