Ask Lisa - is your whole family creative?

Ask Lisa - is your whole family creative?
Creativity is kind of a crazy term. I think we are all creative in our own way. But for some reason, society has placed on us a "stigma" for creative.
As someone if they like art and you are bound to hear, "I can't even draw a straight line". Drawing somehow equates to creativity.
Creativity is so much more than that. It's an expression. It's how we relate. It's in so many aspects of life. I think we are born to create, it's part of who we are, who we are meant to be.
But this is NOT a dissertation on creativity. What I believe Miranda was asking, do any of your kids love art and creating with their hands as much as you do? That's what you meant, right Miranda?
In that case. Yes.
They all have an "artist-type-streak" in them. I see it in the visual type art - hands on. As well as musically, like their daddy, and how they express themselves with the written word.
Our smallest person, Tahlia, is someone you would label "artist". She is a "maker". Ever creating or planning her next creation.
She has been bugging me for her own blog for over a year. I just didn't think she was ready. It's easy to say you want to blog, it's not so easy being a blogger. Before I would acquiesce we made a deal. She needed a plan.
  • What are you going to blog about?
  • How will you be consistent with your content?
  • How often will you blog?
  • You have to plan a month out.
She agreed. Not only agreed. But came to me with a plan. {gulp} How could I say no. So Eye-4-Design was born.
banner courtesy of thecoffeeshopblog
Tahlia "launched" this week. It will be two DIY crafts each week, along with the ever popular "what I wore Wednesday" post...but her tweenage version.
This week she taught us how to make a spring card, and today is how to make a pinwheel for decoration - perfect for photo shoots! And as promised, yesterday she did a outfit post.
What is really exciting is that this is all her. She wrote the tutorials. She took the step by step photos - check this one out below! She made the plan. The only thing I have done is take photos of her outfits. It's pretty cool beans.
So if you are looking for a spring craft, or you have tweens at home. Please check out Eye 4 Design. And just WAIT until you see her video tutorial she make for next week. Totes adorbs.
If you have a minute, will you stop be her blog and leave her a comment. It would make her day! I'm excited for her. This gives her a wonderful outlet for her "creativity"!
Thank you Miranda for your timely question!
And remember, you are far more creative than you think. Embrace it. Who knows what you might do!

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