Ask Lisa - Wait...did you move?

Ask Lisa - Wait...did you move?
Moving. To go or pass to another place or in a certain direction with a continuous motion. It's the continuous motion part I am feeling. It's been non stop. It truly is constant motion. How do I get off this thing? Moving. To proceed towards a certain state or condition. Or in our case a new state ( I know that's not what that meant…but it worked!) New state. What does that mean? New license (btw mine expired in my birthday last week, please don't tell the sheriff!). New schools. New church. New grocery stores. New salons. New friends. New. Moving. To become transferred during play. I know this refers to a game, like checkers or CandyLand, or Sorry, and it fits perfectly. Here I am in the middle of my "game" and it's as if someone landed on me and sent me flying off the board. Oops. Start over. But moving also means "to take action". And although all those above things are true...I'm exhausted, everything is new and I feel a bit lost…I am MOVING ahead. I am choosing to embrace the change(s) and create a positive environment for my "people".I'd be lying if I said this was easy. I'd be lying if I said tears have not been shed. I'd be lying if I said I haven't doubted our decision. But those are human emotions. Right? And last time I checked I am very human. Very emotional. Very much a girl. This whole move happened very suddenly. Maybe that was for the best. Maybe if we had thought about it too much we would have changed our minds. We - my man and me - were pretty convinced that this is the correct path…and our kids agreed. Wholeheartedly. That was a prerequisite. Now? I'm in Indiana. The kids are in school…all of them…for the first time in many many years. I'm adjusting to days filled with quiet, not questions. The dogs are wondering where their friends are all day. It's weird. We have a house to sell in Michigan before we can truly purchase one here. We're renting. That's an adventure on it's own. I packed up my studio last weekend. I've worked in that space for eight years. I built my business in that space. It was difficult. And now my studio is in a temporary location - again…adjusting. So yes, we moved.
I just ask for your encouragement and support. I ask that you don't leave when I am a bit sporadic on my posts. A bit behind on new designs. A bit clueless on this weeks fashion trend. I'll get there. And when I do, be prepared. With all this new found free time I am prepared to take these Hoosier's be storm!! Love you to pieces…. xoxooxoxoxo

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