Ask Lisa - Yes, it's about the jewelry

Ask Lisa - Yes, it's about the jewelry
Metal smith. Jewelry artist. Maker. Creator. Those are some of my titles. And most of you know that.
I hate to talk about it all the time. Why? Because I don't want you to feel like I am pushing myself or my designs on you. Does that make sense?
But a question that arrives in my inbox often is this:
"Lisa, what are some of your very favorite pieces in your collection? Your must haves?"
And the truth is, when I began designing jewelry 11 years ago I created each piece because it was something I wanted and/or needed. The same holds true today. I have a need. I make a piece. I have a hard time designing because I "have" to. I just don't work that way.
Needless to say, here are my top picks - a couple that are my favs for all seasons...and a couple that are my seasonal besties!
I never leave the house without this on my thumb. It's simple and I love it. And my BFF who lives too far away from me has one too, and knowing she is wearing hers makes me feel connected. Is that weird? Maybe...but sometimes I need that reminder!
I do wear stacks of bangles. Stacks. But this one still makes me swoon. It has details. It has movement. It's a bit more feminine and a lot more sexy. That is all.
How about a necklace? I don't always grab one...true story. But lately, every time I do, it's this one...I just adore it. Moons are my thing!
Happy accessorizing!

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