Back to School

Back to School
It's mid-August.
That means Back to School specials are EVERY where. Pencils. Rulers. Notebooks. It makes me want to pull my hair out. I know they have to get ready...but isn't it a bit ridiculous?
I also realize in many places, kids are already back to school, or going soon. That too... makes me sad.
What happened to lazy summers? What happened to the "dog days"?
My birthday is September 3 (take this as your first shopping notice!). I only celebrated my birthday IN school three times. My first day of Kindergarten, I turned 5 and brought Tootsie Pops. Yes, I really remember. My first day of sixth grade, this time Blow Pops. And the first day of my Senior year of high school, I even came late because I was getting my drivers license first! I didn't bring a treat, but I totally know what I was wearing, white mini skirt...oh never mind.
best I can do for "lazy days" summer 19something or other :)
School just didn't start SO early and I loved it. Every Labor Day weekend my parents and I and usually a friend would head to Wildwood, New Jersey for one last summer fling. Yes, I am a Jersey girl and I did go down the shore. What you see on reality TV, on the Jersey Shore, is SO not real, get over it!
ANYWAY, we would go to the boardwalk and then to this super fun funky restaurant to have my birthday dinner. I usually chose lobster. What can I say, I have good taste!
But it's all different now. And school is looming. However, for me it's different. My oldest, my man-child, is the only one who goes to traditional school. He will be a Sophomore and he is pretty geeked about getting back to his friends, and leaving behind a house of females and hormones. But in Michigan, due to the need for an extended tourist season, he doesn't start until September 6! How's that for awesome?
My girls have all decided to be home schooled for yet another year. All of them. Even the soon to be Freshman. Yikes! It is a huge blessing and a privilege, but also a mammoth responsibility. What it means is that I need to start planning. I need to make a schedule. I NEED to get all my "ducks in a row".
My biggest challenge, as a perfectionist, is to do all things well. All things meaning, teaching the small people AND running a full time jewelry business. And this is where I fail. Big time. The the glass half empty girl takes over. I don't care for her...but she tends to hold a lot of clout.
So right now I'm taking a deep breath. I'm reminding myself that I have done this for almost 9 years. And I'm plowing forward.
The biggest hurdle I have conquered is knowing that as much as I want, and need, my business to keep growing...there is time. Time. Time after the small people are gone. I am choosing to be their teacher...first. AND believe me, that ain't easy. I have plans of my own. I have dreams. But I know this is right. Don't get me wrong...I WANT my business to grow, and I know where I'm headed, but I'm not going to fret about it and run myself ragged.
So pass me a ruler, and a glass of wine, I'm gonna need both. Cheers!
you are so loved.
xoxoxo, lisa

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