Before and After a story of hair

Before and After a story of hair
My middle daughter, Isabel, decided last year she wanted to grow out her hair to donate for Locks of Love. I was excited at her initiative, and wondered if she would stick with it. She has a TON of hair, I knew it would get hot and HEAVY!
Guess what?
It did!
There were weekly "measurings" and many times she thought of giving up and just getting it cut. But she stuck with it!
This past weekend she decided enough was enough and she was ready to "just do it". We made some phone calls, found a salon, found a different organization that donates the wigs instead of charging for them...and we were off!
ready to go!
final measuring!
no turning back...she looks slightly concerned!
The end product. She flat ironed it....but you should see it dry naturally...gorgeous!
She took this of herself with her hair all packaged cute!
And there it goes! Off to Pink Heart Funds.
I am so proud of her. To give up something that is so precious to many of us, for the benefit of others. I think we can all learn a lesson here...don't you?
Have you ever donated your hair? Do you know anyone else who has? I'd love to hear from YOU!
BE creative!
~ lisa

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