Behind the scenes. A look into my studio and my art.

Lisa Lehmann

Posted on November 22 2016

I don't often talk about WHAT I do. My art. My work. I try to keep THIS space more about the other side of my life. I never want you to feel inundated with my jewelry.

I don't often talk about WHAT I do. My art.

my art. Lisa Lehmann the artist goldsmith behind the scenes of Studio Jewel It is a little funny. Business coach after business coach have told me to use my blog to show my work. Promote and sell. But this space has always been a bit sacred to me. It's just Lisa. My heart. My passions. My struggles. My loves. Just me. In that mindset I have protected it from being a place of too much self promotion. However, this new video I had created tells my story. It gives you a behind the scenes glimpse into my studio and also the "why" behind what I do. I hope you don't mind me sharing it with you.

This video gives you a behind the scenes glimpse the "why" behind what I do

The incredible talent behind the video - Lauren Bailey - is insanely gifted. I do believe she captured me perfectly. Can you spare 3 minutes and give it a look? I would be grateful. Thank you...and welcome to my world. much much love, lisa Studio Jewel from lauren bailey on Vimeo.

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