Boot Socks Boot Cuffs your must have for winter fashion and the cozy factor

Boot Socks Boot Cuffs your must have for winter fashion and the cozy factor
The cozy factor.
A phenomenon? Possibly.
We all know it exists. We all embrace it differently.
Something about that feeling. It ignites something within us.
Maybe a touch of romanticism.
Thoughts of cozy evenings by the fire.
Romantic log cabins in the woods.
Hand knitted blankets.
Family gathered together while it snows outside.
You KNOW what I mean.
Whatever it is...we love the idea of cozy.
When I think about winter fashion the one thing that excites me… well, besides boots…is the idea of wearing something cozy and warm. True it's out of necessity where I live, but there is also that something about it.
One staple in my wardrobe that I embraced many many years ago…and it looks like the whole world is finally catching on…are boots socks.
I posted this photo back in December of 2011. People used to think I was a bit crazy.
They truly take your wonderful boots up a notch. They add a little something extra. And in addition…there is the cozy factor.
My first pair of boots socks. Free people. Loosely knit. Off white with yellow trim on the top edge. Love those socks. One problem…The creator hadn't thought through actually wearing the socks beyond the catalog shoot. Those darn things would not stay up to save my life. I used hair ties. Rubber bands. Even my beloved bootstraps
Fortunately, since then designers have gotten smart. Better quality. Better design. Better stay-up-edness. That's a word…right?
Then a couple years ago I discovered a few pairs on Etsy and I decided to give them a try. One word. Love.
photo cred Anneke Taylor
Hear my words of advice. Get yourself some boots socks because they're amazingly cozy. Extremely fashionable. And something you just have to have. They are easy to wear. Over skinny jeans. Over leggings. Even bare legs if you dare. Look how cute my tweenager looks in hers!
But, skip your big-box stores. There are hundreds of artists on Etsy selling their designs. Handcrafted. Well made.
When I posted this photo on my Instagram last week, everyone wanted to know where I got my socks. These are alpine socks from Grace and Lace. I wear them ALL the time. They are the ultimate in embracing "the cozy factor".
Now you have no excuse. You need cozy. You need fashion. Put these on your Christmas list. You can thank me later! {{smile}}
Not sure exactly how to style them? Have questions? I'm always available! Just shoot me an email!
Here's to "the cozy factor"!
p.s. Just a personal update. We had to put down our beloved Maggie on Thanksgiving Day. She fought such a good fight. And she is truly missed. She died in my arms surrounded by all of us who loved her best. Thank you so much for all your kind words. I am grateful.

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