Classy Prom Dresses do exist - fashion tip Tuesday

Classy Prom Dresses do exist - fashion tip Tuesday

Our oldest daughter experienced her first Prom this year. For the "man-child", it was his second…but let's face it…prom IS all about the girl!!

As soon as she decided to attend we knew the biggest factor was "the dress". So she and I started processing. We wanted classy not trashy. Elegant. Beautiful. I wanted her to feel confident and pretty.

Let's just say. NOT an easy task. Too short. Too low. Too high cut. Too MANY cut outs. Too revealing. Every dress we saw screamed "I'm sexy and I know it." What is wrong with our girls being beautiful without showing all of their parts? I just don't get it. Sorry. Bunnytrail.

After searching every mainstream store, and scouring online it finally dawned on me to try my favorite shopping place. Etsy.
It did not take long to find a dress that not only fit in our budget, but was absolutely stunning as well. I read the reviews of others who had purchased dresses from this store, and it seemed as if everyone was pleased. The dresses are made to order to your size specifications and it would take some time. Fortunately, time was on our side. This is what we found. For $99!
It took about three weeks to arrive. The seller was excellent about communicating the timeframe. And when it arrived we were so pleased. It fit perfectly! She felt and looked like a princess.
Prom was last weekend. And I could not be more proud (and exhausted!). We repurposed the shoes she wore for semi formal in the fall - knowing they weren't the best option but no one keeps their shoes on anyway! I did her makeup and her nails. And our very talented friend Courtney did her hair. Can I just say AH-MAZ-ING. We told Courtney the idea we had…she ran with it. Perfection! It lended to the very ethereal-youthful-princess look we were going for! We decided no corsage and instead had Courtney put flowers in her hair. LOVE!!
{{And she is kind of lucky… I whipped out matching jewelry for her THAT day!!}}
Anneke did have a date for the big event. And they coordinated perfectly.
It is so important to us as parents to have our three girls feel confident and beautiful without having to show all of their "stuff". Can I get an AMEN? This is not easy in today's society…but it IS possible. And it is so worth the fight.
All of our daughters face so much opposition AND competition AND comparison in this world. We need to be their biggest cheerleaders and advocates. We need to teach them to present themselves beautifully. Without selling out. We need to teach them that their confidence does not come from what others think of them. But from who they are - on the inside. From who they want to be. From the one who made them perfectly in his image. We need to remind them that they are beautiful.

We exist in a sex crazed society. Let us try to teach them that they are so much more. Because? They really and truly are.



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