Closet Re-do. How to Organize Your Closet.

Stepping out fashionably, one hanger at a time.
Have I lost my mind? Hardly!
Closet organization. Sounds almost like a dirty word doesn't it? But did you know your ability to "pull it all together" - so to speak - can be a direct reflection on the state of your closet?
If you can't find it, how can you wear it? And if you can't see it, you can't expect it make your next stellar ensemble. A disastrous closet means more, "I don't know what to wear" moments...which means more panic, more stress, and never feeling completely together. A functional closet allows for coordinating and creating new looks quickly and easily
Are you ready? I'll be gentle and we can go slow. But first, BEFORE we start organizing, I'm going to ask you take to take 15 minutes and remove ANYTHING you haven't worn in a year, or that doesn't fit. Just do it. The jeans that you might get back into torment you. The ugly blouse with "sweet memories" is just taking up space. Trust me. If it is still a decent item, wash it, fold it, donate it. Otherwise...and this may seem harsh...throw it away. Lastly, do you have items hanging in dry cleaner bags? Oh honey, get them out! Let those garments breathe!
Whew. Now we have space to work with. And you feel better, admit it!!
This week we will start with your hanging space. Baby steps. Three things to remember.
  1. Uniform, quality hangers
  2. Color separation
  3. Style separation
Placing your items on similar hangers makes your space look more pulled together. It's an instant "ahhhhh" moment for your brain. Dump all the cheap wire and mismatched hangers and invest in ones that are similar.
What kind should you get?
  1. Skinny "huggable hangers" (my personal fav) I found these No Slip Velvet Hangers on, but I've also seen them at TJ Maxx and Marshalls.
  2. Pants and skirt hangers.
Next up? Color separation. Not rocket science. Group your garments by color. Navy's. Pinks. Whites. You get the idea. Now arrange them by color - I like to go from dark to lights. it looks prettier already...admit it.
Are you ready for the final step? Style separation. This is not completely necessary, but for me it helps when I'm pulling together an outfit.
What I like to do is place all the dressier type items...think office work, night on the town, date night, church...on the top hanging rack. And more casual everyday on the bottom. It lessens the clutter in my mind when searching, and makes the "playing field" smaller.
Let's recap this weeks challenge.
  • Clean out the clutter.
  • Switch out your hangers.
  • Group by color.
  • Separate casual from dressy.
You did great. Next week we will tackle our folded stacking items and shoes! If you have any amazing closet organization tips, PLEASE, comment below and share them with us! We want to know! And if you made a change, leave a comment and let me know! Happy organizing! xoxooxxxox lisa

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