Decorating with Air Plants - MakersKit a review

makers kit air plant kits for my studio
I'm a maker. I love to create. Obviously. And I'm a sucker for kits. Introduce MakersKit - I received my first box at Alt Summit a conference for creatives and I was immediately hooked. Why? Their mission is to inspire creativity and support artists. AND they support art education in public schools. Need I say more?
makers kit air plant kit - easy to create, so much fun, and beautiful! color wheel air plant kit by MakersKit
It's a kit people. A box. Filled with creative awesomeness to MAKE STUFF. Keep reading...but please please please click over like soon. My studio is my creative haven. I have twinkle lights. Inspirational quotes. Hanging paraphernalia. Tchotckes. I love it. So when I saw the color wheel air plants I was hooked! Perfect addition!

I'm a maker. I love to create.

my creative studio space where the magic happens StudioJewel - goldsmith - creative studio space
They arrived in a box in a box. Very well padded. With all the sweet little plants already tucked safe inside their terrariums. The colorful moss prettily packaged. Caveat. There are no instructions. They want you to go to the site and watch their super adorable tutorial videos. Not terribly convenient..but no big deal. They are short and fun.

MakersKit air plants easy and fun!

tiny terrariums and colorful moss MakersKit air plants in terrariums ready to be watered MakersKit pretty moss for air plants MakersKit I was all ready to get creating when I watched the video and found out I had to soak the little sweeties for 20 minutes. I big deal...but I wanted to PLAY! So we soaked. And by we...and mean me and my plants. What? I have real friends too! makers kit air plant 2 makers kit air plant 1 During the soak I took the time to take a picture of my puppy... piper july 2016 and then stuff the glass terrariums with the moss. I'm in love with the vibrant colors!

Did I mention MakersKit has cocktail kits too? Just sayin.

a diy air plant kit from makersKit easy and fun and gorgeous! That's it. They do have a place to tie them with twine and hang them up. No twine included. Hmph. But again. No big deal, maybe I'll just set them on a shelf instead of hanging. Options. makers kit air plant 7 All in all. I'm hooked. I love the simplicity. I love the creativity. I love the mission. Basically MakersKit is a home run in my book. This is one of their newest projects - the sand art terrarium! How cool is that? sand airplant kit Peruse the site. Let me know what you buy. If you use THIS LINK you can get 20% off your first order! Winning! Disclosure? Yes. I am an affiliate for MakersKit - but not because they asked me to be...but because I chose to be. I love them all on my own. Happy Making! xooxoxoxo, lisa

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