Family Fashion a slow transition to autumn

Family Fashion a slow transition to autumn
Autumn mornings. You rub the sleep from your eyes in the morning. Cloudy. Crisp. Then by noon the sun begins to reach her arms to the earth. As if to say...not yet. Not yet. It does make it hard to dress oneself. But I am not complaining. The warmth is what I need. The sun. With my inner demons struggle, I crave vitamin D by way of the sun. The sweet caress of her warmth. Between that and exercise, it is in my top depression arsenal. autumn fashion for teens and over 40

Autumn fashion. Mostly transitional. Sometimes difficult. But oh so fun.

Fashion. Stay focused Lisa. On this particular Sunday it was a brrrr chilly morning. As we drew closer to noon temperatures soared to near 80. Isabel may have been the smartest on this particular day with bare legs. I love how she took her lighter summer dress and added a (MY) vest to make it more seasonal and short (MY) booties. Super fun and youthful. fall fashion for teens. dresses with booties. denim vests. teen fall fashion transition season dresses and booties Tahlia. Bless her heart. She is outgrowing EVERYthing right now. Especially shoes. She was itching to wear her new boots and I love the flirty socks peeking out the top. She looks comfortable yet stylish. Perfect combination. teen fall fashion with boots and boot socks and cardigans. layers for the win! teen girls are crazy - fall fashion. Me? I love love love this dress. Perfect autumn color. And those sleeves! Yes...I am wearing sleeves! But when I put it on at home to wear the first time I realized, whoa, short. Things you need to process in the over 40 fashion realm. I had to do a quick search for tights. I mean seriously. Who has worn tights yet this year? Needless to say. Love the dress. Not thrilled with the tights color - so I think I might try a slip and brown booties next time, even though those Frye boots are my favorites I'm not crazy about the combo. fashion over 40 fall dress Transition seasons are not always easy. Kind of a picture of life huh? I know I've been a bit more contemplative than usual lately. Thank you for wading through the mud with me. You have no idea how grateful I am. Even this post was hard, and taking photos was hard. I'm not quite "there". You know? But trying to push through. Use my toolkit. And ignore the mermaids call. Much love and crunchy leaves, lisa family-fashion-fall-transition-outfits Isabel’s style: Dress / Gliks – Vest / American Rag – Booties / Gap Tahlia’s style: Jeans / American Eagle - Sweater and Tee / Tilly's – boots / Target - glasses / Warby Parker (affiliate link) My style: Dress / Gliks – Boot / Frye Company /jewelry / - glasses / Warby Parker (affiliate link)

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