Fashion and YOU this winter 2013

Fashion and YOU this winter 2013
It can be so subjective can it not?
Is this in? Is this out? Are my skirts too long? Too short? Tights? Bare legs? Short boots? Tall boots? Over the knee boots? Am I my too fat for that? Too skinny? Too tall? Too short?
It leaves many of us too frustrated to even try. Stay safe. Stay with what you know. Nobody gets hurt.
You DO know your body. You DO know what makes you look good. And more importantly, you know what makes you FEEL good.
Start there.
Next...look at the trends. Does anything appeal to you?
Fashion should be fun. Not frustrating.
For instance. Knit beanie caps are a hot item for this winter. What a fun item to play with. Affordable. Practical. And truly awesome for all hairstyles.
Turtlenecks. Bet you didn't know those were back in style? Again, what a practical item to add to your wardrobe. Pair one with jeans then add a bulky sweater on top for contrast
Actually, today I'm wearing a sleeveless turtleneck dress. I added over the knee boots…another big item for this year. And a denim jacket for contrast (and warmth). Easy.
What about trying a fun, trendy coat for this winter. Statement coats are all the rage. Not to mention, a fun way to break out of a rut!
Okay, here is a funny easy one. Do you have a favorite color? Besides brown, black or gray? Now...go buy yourself a handbag in that color. You don't have to spend a fortune! Go to Target. TJ Maxx. Marshall's.
Don't be afraid to try SOMETHING. Maybe it never leaves the dressing room. Maybe it gets sent back right away. But at least you tried. Often the older we get, we forget how to be fashionable ourselves. We think it's for our kids, or other "youngsters". No. No. No. Even though most days don't require high fashion. Make the effort. So what if it's just jeans and a sweater. Grab that cute handbag. Throw on that beanie. You will feel so much better about you. Want to bounce your fashion questions off of someone? Not sure if your idea really works for you? Email me! I'm more than happy to guide you. Now go! Be the trend!
Because you are beautiful!

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