Favorite Thing and a PERFECT Christmas gift the Aqua Farm

Favorite Thing and a PERFECT Christmas gift the Aqua Farm
Fish are friends. Not food. Know the movie? Oh come on people…it's from NEMO! One of my absolute favs.
I love having a fish in the house. I find them very peaceful and soothing. And the fish we have owned, have always become my friends. Really. I'm serious. They have come to the edge of the bowl when I walk in the room. I am not making this stuff up. Our fish have loved me!
I also enjoy the sound of running water and fountains. Of course, as long as I don't have to go to the bathroom…then it's just awkward! And dishwashers and washing machines don't count either.
All of this to say I have found the perfect gift for that difficult person on your list..from one of my all time favorite websites UncommonGoods.com. The AquaFarm.
UncommonGoods is my "go-to" site for unique gifts. They just find the best stuff out there. Why do I love them so? For one, they are all about embracing creativity. For two they feature REAL artists, and handmade. For three, they are committed to the environment. Do you see how perfectly they fit with MY brand? So when they contacted me about reviewing an item…I was joyful…to say the least! And this AquaFarm is the bomb-diggity!
Maybe I'm easily entertained…but they had me with the packaging. So cute and fun! It has a "food adventure story", very funny. And…the science behind the whole thing…if you're into science and stuff. And just look at the package engineering? Brilliant.
The guys behind this sahweet system - Alejandro & Nikhil, are into sustainable, eco-friendly, urban farming. Just based on that…we are already BFF's.
The AquaFarm - SUPER easy to get started. Hardest part? Getting myself to the pet store to pick out a fish. Second hardest part? Letting my girls decide on said fish. It's just a fish people! Geesh.
His name? Well, we just call him "fish". But secretly? I call him Mr. Fish. Just don't tell.
Details. Follow the instructions. Clean the tank. Clean the rocks. Add water. Add fish. Add growing stones (included). Plant seeds (included). Rocket science? I think not.
Here's what makes this so cool. Fish poop and pee in the water. Water is pumped up to plant tray. Waste feeds roots. Roots tell the plants to grow. Clean water flows back down to Mr. Fish. Tank clean. Everyone happy, happy, happy. And I get to hear nice bubbling sounds from the tank.
I have only had my tank for a couple weeks and the seeds have just started growing…so I'm not feeding my family yet. But I'm excited to have basil and lemon grass in my kitchen. The tank included those organic seeds, but you can plant whatever your heart desires.
One of my favorite parts? The "escapee" seeds that fell INTO the tank. Don't you just love that look? And Mr. Fish? He hides in them all them time! It's a fishy playground!
I'm off to feed Mr. Fish, and maybe trim the grass. xoxoxoxo lisa

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