Happy Birthday to ME! day one :)

Lisa Lehmann

Posted on August 30 2010

I LOVE LOVE LOVE birthdays!
And not just mine....really.
I love my kids birthdays, I love my friends birthdays.... shoot I even love my dogs birthdays! In order to celebrate I have decided to do one giveaway a day... and a $100 gift certificate at the end of the week.
How's that?
Each day a winner will be chosen from the comments on THAT day. On Friday I will choose a winner from ALL the comments from the week! AND...for every individual that comments I will give $1.00 to Habitat for Humanity. 1. For today...MONDAY....leave a comment telling me your dream birthday breakfast! 2. Make sure to leave a comment for EACH extra entry!
Today I'm giving away these! The EVERYDAY earrings!
For MY birthday breakfast?
I would love dried cherry pecan pancakes from Real Food Cafe
a Cinnamon Dolce Latte' (non-fat and sugar free) from Starbucks! YUM!

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