Happy Birthday to ME! Well...not quite yet!

Lisa Lehmann

Posted on August 26 2010

My birthday is in a week...and I get pretty excited about birthdays. Last year was a "biggie" and I threw my own party...it was WAY fun. But the party thing is so passe' - so "last year".
So what to do THIS year?
I'm thinking giveaway. I'm thinking celebrate in jewels. I'm thinking of YOU!
This year I want to give something away to you...and it should be fun.
But I'm still in processing mode. A gift certificate?
I also am thinking of giving away $1 per comment left on my birthday giveaway post on MONDAY to a charity or mission. I would love your input on what you would like to see as a good cause.
THAT is what I am kicking around today....cause...well,
it's time to start CELEBRATING!

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