Happy New Year and welcome 2019

Happy New Year and welcome 2019

There is nothing magical about the calendar turning over to a new year. There is no fairy dust. There is no automatic renewal. There is no instant change. But. There is something. Something I like to look at as a possibility or opportunity. There is something incredibly exciting about the newness have a brand new year. A chance to start over. Take on a new challenge. Do something you said you were always going to do. I realize that many people make New Year’s resolutions and never keep them. I get it. I’ve been there myself. But I still believe there is something about saying those things out loud and at least making some sort of effort to do something new and different.

What is wrong at looking at the new year as a brand new clean slate. You get to choose. What goals do you want to set. What word of intention do you want to have for 2019. Are you ready to face some of those things that you put aside for so very long? Maybe? Maybe not? But it is up to you.

What is wrong at looking at the new year as a brand new clean slate

And maybe it’s not so much goals like financial freedom or weight loss or eating more greens or spending more time outside or reading new books. Maybe it’s more of things like taking the time to appreciate yourself more. Taking more time away from work. Taking time to serve others and volunteer. Taking time playing Candyland and less time watching Netflix. Maybe it’s more about those kind of changes than actual lifestyle changes.

What if you looked into volunteering once every other month? Maybe doing a pay it forward once a month. Maybe that just means paying for the coffee in the drive-through one time a month. Doing something not for yourself but for SOMEONE ELSE. Because ultimately that is when we start to change. When we start looking outside of ourselves.

Because ultimately that is when we start to change. When we start looking outside of ourselves.

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These are just my ponderings. My thoughts. My conversations in my own head as we move into 2019. I definitely have goals that are tangible and real. But I also have many heartfelt goals that I need to embrace fully.

One of the reasons I became a fitness coach this year was for that very reason. So I could do something for others. It’s small but it’s something. I’m going to keep looking at how I can serve more instead of serving myself. Looking outside of me. People say we need to love ourselves more. I think we need to take care of ourselves more.

And the harsh reality is...like other resolutions...I will probably fail. But I’m certainly not going to let that stop me from trying. It matters. People matter. You matter.

So here is to a very happy new year. A year filled with tremendous love. A year filled with blessings. A year where YOU make a difference.

xoxoxo, lisa

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