Hello 2013

Hello 2013
January. Twenty-thirteen. How can that be?
But yet, that means new beginnings. Fresh starts. A chance to "do-over". I like that.
I hit the ground running on the first, and it looks like I'll be running all month long. Not in a bad way. Many exciting new things are coming. Truly!
Before we dive into the "new", and the "what's next", the "that's so cool", and the "let's go"...I thought I'd let you journey with me through my Christmas break. When I took time to breathe. It was so good, I just have to share. I apologize for the quantity of photos, but it was too hard to decide what not to include. *smile* So cheers! This is going to be a VERY good year! ___________________________________
On Christmas Eve there are ALWAYS pajamas and ornaments. And even with our traditions all messed up in our "transitional life"...some things HAD to remain the same. And Santa, well, he seems to know how to find you, even in a rental home. What a trooper!
Then there was the Christmas morning packing of the presents for travel. Six people. Oiy. There was a lot.
Traveling to Michigan. This was the girl mobile. The boys followed. Yes, we took TWO cars!
Present time seemed like it took forever to arrive, but when it did...it was very sweet.
There were boots, lots of boots. And ukeleles...of course!
...and tutu's
...and family love... Time with grandparents....time with my mom...and plenty of games and puzzles.
There was a time for reconnecting with our church family here in Michigan.
...and New Years Eve with friends...along with lots of baby snuggles.
**sick of photos yet?**
And our very last tradition...New Years Day stockings.
Such a wonderful way to finish our week. It was the break I, we, needed! Now we are better equipped to meet 2013 head on! I leave next Sunday for California. But I'll leave THAT story for another day. Cheers my friend. Here's to you...and to a truly blessed new year! xoxoxoxoxxxo lisa

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