I wanna know what love is...

Love. Hearts. Candy. It all blends together this time of year doesn't it? Everywhere we go there are screaming hints that Valentines Day is right around the corner. Pink. Red. It's all over the place. Just walking into Target this weekend and I was bombarded. Even all our favorite candy takes on a Valentines Day theme. But what is love really?
  • We love our morning coffee.
  • We love our dishwasher.
  • We love our seat heaters in the car.
  • We love our cameras.
  • We love our dogs.
  • We love chocolate.
  • We love our significant other.
  • We love our children.
Is all love the same? Do we throw that word out there too loosely? Or are we just designed to love? Deeply. Passionately. Sincerely. I'm not trying to be philosophical. I just had a thought and wanted to try and process it...here I believe the capacity to love, whether it be our coffee or our best friend...is a GIFT. And like all gifts, it should be embraced

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