10 reasons to love instagram

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Instagram is my jam. I love it. A lot of my business promotion takes work and time and effort. With Instagram, I'm always excited to post something new.

It's visual. It's a story teller.

stacking birthstone ring set Why?
  1. I love images. I love visual. It's a way to tell a story. YOUR story. With photos. Sometimes it's easier to SHOW then tell.
  2. It works for everyone. Businesses. Teens. The person that just wants to be a visual storyteller.
  3. An amazing way to show your personality. Photos are so highly personal. How you take them. Where you take them. When you take them. It's such a great way to show the you behind the photo.
  4. It's social. You can connect with friends...like minded people...family...brands. Non committal way to just say "hey, I really like that".
  5. Instagram plays nice with all our favorite platforms. Twitter. Facebook. Tumblr. It is easy to cross promote.
  6. You don't need a big ole expensive camera. Instagram is actually TEACHING us to use our phones camera as a tool. That doesn't mean you get to go filter crazy. Please. I beg you. But. The option is there.
  7. It's fun and free. So that's actual two things. But they both started with "f" and they really don't need much explaining.
  8. You can have multiple accounts - and switch between them easily. Posting too many pics of your dogs, get them their own account. What? Not that I did. But... mygoldensrule is strikingly similar to my two golden retrievers! :)
  9. Instagram is instant. Eating the best meal of your life? Passing an incredible vista. Stop. Click. Post. Easy.
  10. It allows notifications. You can find your favorite accounts ... ahem, mine ... click on the three tiny gray dots in the corner and turn on notifications. That way you can stalk your kids...you bet I do...and your favorite post-ers.

Instagram. My favorite.

Needless to say, Instagram is changing rules about who sees what and yada yada yada. It makes people get all crazy for awhile. But again...remember...it's free! I would be honored if you would follow me AND turn on notifications. And if you like dogs...Selah and Willow would love a follow too. What? Don't roll your eyes at me like that! instagram post notifications studiojewel There are many great tools for creating incredible insta photos. For now. Let's just get on the band wagon. Shall we? Leave your handle below in the comments....so we can all find each other. Fun insta snaps ahead! Much much love, lisa
what does jumping on the band wagon mean Yes... I'm just dorky enough to actually find a graphic about this.

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