It's time to poop glitter and rainbows. Bullies beware.

It's time to poop glitter and rainbows. Bullies beware.
What if? What if we did something different? Something out of the box. Something radical. What if we started trying to make a positive difference in another human beings life. Something small. Something meaningful. Something encouraging. Something positive.

What would THAT do to the bullies?
Let's face it. We can educate all we want. We can prepare ourselves. But we cannot stop those who are hell bent on trashing our lives…our reputation…our feelings…our self esteem.

But what if we tried?
Tried to outweigh the bad with good? Tried to lift spirits. Tried to create smiles. Tried to do something that does NOTHING for ourselves, but everything for others…whether they deserve or not. What if?

My daughter Isabel has a teacher at her school that has made an impact on her life. This teacher cares. This teacher is fully invested in her students. This teacher has a pure heart. I don't think it's even remotely coincidental that her last name is Wisehart… I think it was preordained. She will do great things and leave a wake of inspiration behind her.

She started a club at school with the full intent of making a difference in OTHER's lives. See? She gets it. Want more info? Connect with her on twitter @WisehartCFC
We may be able to prepare ourselves against a bully. But what if we stopped them? What if we tipped the see-saw on the side of love? What if WE were hell bent on filling people up instead of sucking them dry?

Yesterday in club the kids were encouraged to do third party compliments. Talk about people behind their backs in a positive and uplifting way. Gossip gone right. Brilliant.

Best part? My twitter feed blew up with #thirdpartycompliments - kids saying positive things about each other. Kids being genuine and real. Kids getting it. Because they do you know? Often far more than adults.

Shoot. I even received a couple from two of Isabel's friends…one was directed to me…the other I would not have even seen had it not been pointed out to me. How did it make me feel? Awesome. Pure awesome.
Why did it feel so good? Truly, because we all want to be loved and appreciated for WHO WE ARE. We want to know what people really see in us. We want to know we are making an impact. Somewhere. Somehow. And when that is reinforced in our lives, we are encouraged to be even more positive. More friendly. More encouraging. More loving. More. More. More.

Do you see how this works? This has me totally jazzed!! Because this is how I want to live my life! I want to reflect the joy that lives inside of me…and when I bounce that joy off of you, you are forever changed. How can you not be?

Positive human beings make positive choices and positive influences. It's choosing joy to the max. Are you getting this? Bullies cannot survive against our wave of joy!

Let's do this friends. I CHALLENGE YOU! Yes, I'm totally shouting…because THIS.IS.HUGE. Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas. Some are #thirdpartycompliments some are straight up make-a-difference-in-someones-life compliments.
  1. Tell the manager at Starbucks how awesome your barista was.
  2. Tell the manager at your grocery store how much you appreciate her attention to detail.
  3. Tell the principal at your kids school how grateful you are for your child's teacher.
  4. Post on twitter about an awesome quality you see in someone else. #thirdpartycompliment
  5. Post on Facebook about your husband or your wife or your friend and how thankful you are to have them in your life.
  6. Leave a note on the office coffee pot saying 'thank you' for keeping you caffeinated!
  7. Do you love that women's hair standing in line in front of you? TELL HER!
  8. Does that person across the room look sad? Find something to compliment her about. The color she's wearing. Her handbag. Her shoes. Her ring. Anything!
  9. Did you enjoy the music in worship on Sunday? TELL the worship joker! (this one is slightly personal :)
  10. Leave a thank you note in your mailbox with a granola bar or some treat!
  11. See that mean girl in your class? The bully girl? Find a compliment for her…something genuine…then walk away - maybe RUN…with a smile.
  12. Give the lunch lady an air high five (sanitary reasons!) and tell her thanks for feeding me!
Maybe you think these ideas are stupid. Or lame. Or you think I'm a lunatic. I've been called worse….whatever! This is the start of something great. When you begin to search for the positive within yourself it starts to ooze out of you and bubble over and soon your pooping glitter and rainbows! I'm totally serious. Ok, maybe not about the poop…but you get the idea!

One word of advice. Only sincere compliments count. People can smell out a fake. People can tell if you are doing something to make YOU look or feel good, not them. So be wary. Do a heart check on yourself first. Then open your mouth…or keyboard.

Because my business is mainly online, people can hide behind the anonymity of a screen. That can be brutal. I have had some of the nastiest, most cruel, hateful words spit at me. Words that very few would be brave enough to say to my face. And even when the words hold no weight in truth, they sting. However, when someone takes the time to tell me now much a piece of jewelry meant to them or their significant other. How much they loved my attention to detail. How meaningful it is to them. My heart soars. It's incredibly empowering and motivating.

Words. The whole sticks and stones thing is garbage. So let's flip it. Because we can. Because we are able. Because…

You? I think you are amazing. The fact that you took time to read this, my words, my writing…it means the world to me. You do my heart good. And for that? I'm eternally grateful. Thank you.

So let's get out there and make a change, shall we? Bullies beware. There is something in you that is good…and we will find it. Glitter. Rainbows. Really? It comes down to the poop.



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