Just a thought....

Just a thought....
There is this moment.
A moment where you are dispensing great wisdom to a friend or a child. A moment they are fearing the outcome of some event. Or maybe worrisome about something in the future.
They come to you.
And you, in great confidence and wisdom, come along side them and encourage them. Remind them that the future is in God's hands. He has a plan. He has it figured out. Trust him.
Then you look in the mirror.
That little voice says,
"Really Lisa?". And what exactly was keeping you awake tossing and turning under the covers? Why are you sighing so heavily? Why are you so agitated and anxious?"
Uh oh.
Reality check.
Why do we I do that? How can I be so confident for others, yet in so much unrest with myself?
At some point. I need to embrace what I know to be Truth. And then stand confidently in it. And then…stop fretting!
Just a morning thought I needed to share… (and yes...sometimes, I hear little voices in my head :)
Have a wonderful Sunday - embrace, with joy, all that is around you!

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