Loving the Skin you're In

Loving the Skin you're In
Can skin care products be life changing?
Since I wrote the "Do you like your face" post on Monday, your kind words via email have been incredibly encouraging. Thank you. But each of you also had a burning question.
"What DO you use on your skin?"
In response, I thought I would tell you about my fabulous skin care products. Even better, I contacted the company and they agreed to do a giveaway for my readers. How's THAT for customer service?
Background story. Last October I attended the TypeAMom Conference in Asheville, North Carolina. I had the privilege of meeting Christina, a sponsor of the conference, and a representative for Therapon Skin Care. True story? I asked her about her skin before I knew why she was there. It was a sight to behold!
We bonded over being the tallest girls at the conference and having three daughters of similar age. Then she hit me with it. "Come to my room and let me try out my skin care products on you". Temptress! LOL. Reluctantly, nervously, I agreed.
It changed my life. OK, it changed my face. But that can be life changing.
an examination of self
naked skin. no make up. be nice.
Up to this point I had moderately taken care of my skin. Infrequent cleansing. Moisturizing with over the counter product. Exfoliate? I can barely spell it, let alone try it.
Christina did her "magic" and this was my response the next day. Goofy I know. But totally unscripted. That's my friend Robin with me...she rocks. All that to say, the story behind the product and it's creator hooked me, but the results kept me. I use it faithfully morning and night, even my teenage daughter uses it and her skin is flawless. For a teenager, that is ALL kinds of awesome. The system is four parts. But don't be deterred. They are easy and take very little time. If I can make time for this, so can you. This is what Therapon says about their product.
Uncomplicated Skincare. The Theraderm Skin Renewal System isa simple, daily regimen consisting of four products that work harmoniously torestore a healthy, radiant appearance no matter your age. Rooted firmly inbioscience and clinically tested, each product is comprised ofpharmaceutical-grade ingredients specifically chosen to enhance skin’s naturalability to restore itself. The result is healthy skin that is well-defendedagainst the environment and signs of aging. The Theraderm Skin Renewal Systemincludes: Cleansing Wash Fruit Acid Exfoliant OPC Reparative Gel Peptide Hydrator Gentle Action Application Pads
This is my naked skin today. No makeup. No touch-up. Raw. Not too bad for my age. And for all of you wondering. I'm 42. And not ashamed. fan examination of selfIn addition. They are giving away a Kindle on their Facebook Fan page. All you have to do is "like" their page and introduce yourself to be entered. Tell them I sent you over! And just to be clear, Therapon did NOT ask me to write this post. I asked THEM if it was ok. That is when they offered to give away a skin care system. I adore this product, and it really was the perfect response to the "Do you Like your Face?" blog post on Monday. I don't always love my face. But each day, I'm beginning to love ME more and I am embracing the person God created me to be. Ironically, this week the study I am doing with my girls took us down the path of "real beauty". It's ok to want to be beautiful. But I do hope when I breathe my last, I will be remembered for my heart and my passion for others....for the person I am within...for being beautiful on the INSIDE. I so desire that for me. For my girls. For each of you.
"Kindness in women, not their beauteous looks, shall win my love." William Shakespeare
BE beautiful!

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