My Favorite places to shop online

My Favorite places to shop online
Last week I returned from my very first shopping extravaganza in Tucson, Arizona. And not just ANY shopping. Gemstone shopping! For a goldsmith, this was the ultimate! I oohed and ahhhed over stones. Then sweat over my purchases. Seriously…this was tough stuff!
I came home and laid out my gems for my family to see. They were so not impressed! "Pretty mom, did you bring me anything?". I guess not everyone gets quite as geeked over facets and color and shape and potential as me. But just you wait until you see what I create from these beauties. Then everyone will be excited! Right? :)
I traveled with four of the most amazing women. I barely knew them before the trip. Acquaintances. Similar likes and desires. I was confident that I would have an enjoyable time, and I was so grateful they let me be a part of their group. What I was unprepared for was how much they would impact me! These women. These friends. Intensely Creative. Exceptionally Genuine. Incredibly Kind. Beautiful from the inside out. My heart is full and I am forever changed by having them as a part of my life.
I felt as if I had little to share with them. Until we started talking shopping! Online shopping to be specific! Sometimes I think I take for granted all the fashion type of research I do for this blog. I assume you all "know". Well, if you didn't know you will! These are some of my go-to places for the best fashion. The best style. The best advice. Sometimes the best deals. The best of my favorite things.
Birchbox. I've sent you here before. But truly…do yourself a favor. Buy a 3 month subscription if you are skeptical. Give it a shot. I have found some of the most amazing products I would NEVER have tried on my own if they hadn't been in box.
ShoeMint. I don't splurge on shoes often. I'm kind of a cheapskate when it comes to that. However, if a stiletto is going to grace my foot…and I'm even going to consider keeping it on for more than a few minutes it needs to be higher quality. ShoeMint is a monthly club….but you DON'T have to purchase. You can opt out. I think over the year and a half I have been a member I have only purchased 3 pairs of shoes. Three that happen to be my most favorite shoes ever. What do you have to lose?
SuperGa. I found my first pair of SuperGa via ShoeMint. I had never heard of them. I had never seen them. Now I don't know how I lived without them. Even my daughter has a pair. These stylish sneakers have been around for 100 years. That's quite the track record! And I'm here to say…they are not only fashionable…they are UBER comfortable. I trekked around Washington DC last summer for hours at a time….nary a complaint!
Nordstrom. I know you all have heard of Nordstrom. But have you ever visited their site? They have some seriously awesome stuff. And when they have a sale it is stellar! Sign up for their newsletter to be in the know. And don't be afraid to check out the junior section. My fav sweatshirts come from there…along with the best leggings on the planet. Very best part? Free shipping. Free returns. That's a winner in my book!
Gentle Fawn. I'm new to this site…and already totally enamored. The style is amazing. The shipping was fast. The quality incredible. Need I say more?
Alter'd State. A friend told me about this site. And I don't know if I should kick her or hug her :) Let's just say I've spent a great deal of time perusing here…and {ahem} purchasing. Again, great style. Also, great sales. And they are a "do-good" company. THAT I love. And this dress…I can't wait for summer again!
BlueFly. I've been shopping BlueFly for years. It's kind of an overstock type site. They carry brand names but limited quantity. Great women's clothes. Great shoes. Great men's dress shirts. Hey, your man needs to be spiffy too! I have gotten some amazing deals on "fancy" dresses for special occasions. Shipping is fast and returns are easy. Sign up to get their emails!
That's all I have time for today. Let me know if you try any of these…and let me know what sites are your favs! I'm always on the hunt for something new!

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