My heart is full

My heart is full
Where does one start? Where to begin?
With the ultimate in simplicity.
I knew you would be supportive. But I had no idea.
I knew this issue would upset you. But I didn't realize how many of you would take action.
I knew the local news MIGHT be interested. But I didn't think they would do a story right away.
My heart is full.
And although still has my pirated designs for sale on their site, "things" are happening. I am confident in the end....good wins.
So thank you. To my friends old and new. For standing by my side. For supporting my art. For letting myself, and other artists like me, know that this type of behavior is unacceptable, and will not be tolerated.
I did receive an apology from the Etsyian who "stirred the proverbial pot" to begin with. She thought it was ludicrous that I would give you a link to purchase my work cheaper elsewhere. But I know you won't. She wished me luck taking down a Chinese giant. And although WE may not take them down....I believe our voice will be heard.
So here's to the little guy.
Here's to every individual that takes over their garage with their ideas. Here's to every girl that sketches on napkins and draws on the cover of her notebooks. Here's to every guy that sees a possibility in a piece of wood. Here's to each person that looks through a lens and creates magic for the world to see. Here's to the little guy. The artist. The creative. The makers.
And here's to the ones that support us. You give us wings. You give us courage. You fuel our passions.
And we....
am grateful.
Here are the link to the two news stories done in my studio yesterday. Thank you Peter Ross at WZZM 13 and Kelly Gibbs at Fox 17 (I don't have an embed code for the Fox story)

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