Peridot and August birthdays

Peridot and August birthdays
One of the highlights of my trip out west was a visit to the Rock Shop. Please don't mock. I love rocks. Love. Adore. Fascinated by. Intrigued. You get the idea.

sodalite in the rawAnd much to my joy, after becoming giddy and excited, not to mention taking TONS of pictures, my children began to catch my enthusiasm too! I love me some catchable enthusiasm!

But seriously, check this stuff out. It's amazing. Rocks. Hanging out in the earth just waiting to be shared! The first ones were blue so cool. Then there was these...

gemstones in the rawAnd then I found "it". The basket of pure joy...I mean Peridot. Oh bliss! I love Peridot, and it happens to be Augusts birthstone, and guess what, it's August! Double joy!

peridot in the rawSo I had to buy one rock and bring it know...for science!

peridot in the raw 
Ain't she pretty?

raw peridotraw peridotAnd one little piece with very little lapidary work done to it - meaning made to look more like a gemstone - looks like this. Still so very cool!

Peridot is one of only a few gemstones that actually only comes in the color green! The greens can vary however, based on how much iron is in the crystal structure. It is August's birthstone and also the stone for your 16th wedding anniversary!

Peridot is know as the stone of "emotional healing". It fosters emotional balance and supposedly helps heal us from emotional wounds. That's a lot of power in a little green stone! It also gives common sense in the "affairs of the heart", so one website claimed. Maybe we should all be wearing this stone! 

Anyway, thanks for humoring my rock fetish and my adoration for Peridot. What's your birthstone?

You are so loved.
xoxoxo, lisa

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