Saturday...a day for Poetry

This is a poem I wrote many months ago. It is number one in a succession of four that tell a story...a journey perhaps.
Please don't use them or copy them without my permission, they have been entered into a contest and have a copyright for that reason.
I sincerely hope they speak to your someone who someone who has struggled with someone who has battled issues of self-image...I know, I get it.
If it does speak to you, please let me know...I would appreciate the input.
Thanks for reading,
xoxox, lisa
The Lies ©
There are lies which hide in the darkness
They wait for the quiet moments
Seeking to destroy
they are powerful, strong, destructive
They mask themselves as truth
They veil themselves with light
That is how they deceive
They know our weakest moments
Laughing at our tears
They distort reality
They reflect what does not exist
That is how they become powerful
they are frightening, painful, convincing
They know our secret thoughts
They feed on our fears
That is how they grow
They pretend to be our friend
Creating the ultimate illusion
They have damaged our reality
They misrepresented "truth"
That is how they have won
they are frightening, painful, convincing

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