Love yourself, Love others

I know this post is a little OFF from what I usually give you. Maybe a bit more thought provoking, maybe even a bit scary. But it was mulling around in my head and it finally spilled So that being said....
She said I'm cuuuuuute!
Remember Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer? Remember the moment when Clarisse has told our red nosed friend Rudy that she thinks he’s cute and he is absolutely thrilled? Let’s be honest. We all crave that moment. The moment when someone might say we're "cute", or pretty, or beautiful. We want that moment. We pay so much attention to how we look, how other's perceive us…but how are YOU presenting yourself?
Do you realize how much you energy you exude? What you are “putting out there”, or presenting comes from your what others see when you walk into room, or when they look in your eyes, or bask in your smile.
Your positive outlook on others, on yourself, is so much of what shows. So how are you presenting yourself today? What are you doing to confidently step into the next room, or maybe even the grocery store?
There is a bit of mental prep that goes into walking with confidence, especially when you don’t feel as if you have it. But I believe…..NO…..I KNOW you can do this. There are certain things you need to do physically before a healthy mental attitude can take place.
For instance, are you taking care of your skin?
Your teeth?
Your hair?
It shows you know?
Now don't get me wrong…I am NOT talking lipstick, makeup and a coiffed "do". What it DOES mean is your basic health care is showing everywhere you go.
Those multiple glasses of water you drink every day DO show up in skin. Those same glasses of water impact your hair too…far more than you realize. Even when it's pulled up in that "I had no time" ponytail, your hair will appear healthier! So first things first …. DRINK.THAT.WATER!
So take some basic steps, wash your face, brush your teeth and drink plenty of water every day. Did I mention exercise? Ok, I’ll save that for the next time, but just know that it’s coming! Anyway, your insides are so happy with you now, can’t you tell?
You’re ready to go out and meet your public, ok, so it’s the dog groomer … but you really do want her to be glad she saw you today! That comes with a little bit of mental prep. Remember, you can already BE confident that you have been taking care of YOU from the inside out.
How do you "mental prep"? I have some ideas! First, stop thinking about what THEY are going to be thinking about YOU…think about how YOU are going to impact THEM. Maybe they need YOUR kind word, maybe it’s just a smile. Think about all YOU have to offer others. Just that little mind switch will make all the difference in how you approach your public! It gives YOU the upper hand.
Please remember, your positive outlook and energy will infuse all those around you. Don't forget to smile and make eye contact. You will be amazed when someone takes notice! And shoot, who knows...they might even say… “she’s cuuuuute”!

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