Spiders are NOT my favorite thing, however these apples are

Spiders are NOT my favorite thing, however these apples are
As much as I love fall and all that seemingly comes along with it...there is one thing I don't enjoy. Spiders. And they are everywhere. And not only are they everywhere...some look like they are bringing suitcases and moving in. These are HUGE! Mammoth. Large. Non-small!
I get the whole benefit of spider thing. I know they eat the bad bugs. I know we sort of need some of them. Well that is all fine and dandy, as long as they stay outside...of my house!
I have most recently been seen stalking large furry wolf spiders with one of those shocking tennis rackets. You know these things. Like bug zappers you swing around and look wildly ridiculous. Well with the wolf spider you need to be stealthy...you need to sneak up and then lay the racket on top of them. Then ZAP! They snap, crackle and pop...and even sometimes smoke. I told you they were huge.
But let's face it. This is not a good use of my time. Fun perhaps. Useful...not so much.
Now I have these. {{insert angel voices}}.
I introduce you to the hedge apple. I had heard of them. Read about them. But never found them. Until I went to the festival Saturday. Remember, the one I wrote my fashion post about yesterday. You did read it...right?
What exactly is a hedge apple? Well it's not technically an apple. I have heard Martha Stewart uses them decoratively - of course she does. But as folklore will tell you, they repel spiders. And sometimes a little folklore is good enough for me.
Since I have placed 5 of these bumpy little beauties in my house, I have not seen one spider. None. Nada. Zilch. And seeing as how I was a complete zapping idiot only one week ago? I believe the folklore.
So if you don't care of the 8 legged variety go find yourself a hedge apple. You can thank me later.
Oh, how long do you keep them around? They say until they start to shrivel and they are no longer green. I'm pretty sure snow will be flying by then. And dem spiders better have taken to underground. Outside. Far from my house!
And just so you don't think I'm a big mean spider killer. I caught this "beauty" at my studio a few weeks ago. I didn't have the heart to kill her, so I set her free. See? I'm not that horrid!

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