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emma elizabeth jewelry
Hi friends! It has been awhile, hasn't it? Oh, how I have missed you. I decided it's time to take back this blog of mine and start writing again.

Studio Jewel is celebrating 15 years in business this year!!!

The question is where do we begin? Let's get bare bones a bit. A little behind the scenes. Studio Jewel has grown so much. We are celebrating 15 years in business this year. FIFTEEN! That's huge! Some of you have been with me from the beginning...oh the changes! One of the best parts? Our team is growing. We are small. But mighty! I want you to get to know them too because they are ridiculously talented! Meet Emma. Studio Jewel team member emma elizabeth jewelry I met Emma when I was renting my first studio space in Grand Haven. She was working as an intern. I had considered hiring help before but I truly didn't know where to begin the search. Emma is a Jewelry / Metals student at Grand Valley University so I asked her if she knew of anyone else in the program that might want to work part time for me. She answered, well, what about me? And the rest is history. Emma is an incredibly gifted talent and I love having her in the studio. She loves cats (not holding that against her) and Italian leather. But most importantly she has an extremely bright future. Her jewelry design is exquisite. Emma Elizabeth Jewelry - she describes it as ... confident. edgy. unique. And it is just that. This girl will go far and I'm grateful that I get to have her not just in my studio...but in my life. And honestly? I could not have expanded and grown the way I have without her. I love her talent, but I also just love her! We have a great deal of fun banter in the studio, the occasional breaking out into song, and we have a shared love of really nice shoes! Bonus? My dogs love her too, and we all know how important THAT is! :) And...sometimes she reads my mind. Scary. But true.

Emma Elizabeth Jewelry. confident. edgy. unique.

Now please go to her website and see her gorgeous designs. She is definitely one to follow! emma elizabeth jewelry confident edgy uniqueemma elizabeth jewelry confident edgy uniqueemma elizabeth jewelry confident edgy uniqueemma elizabeth jewelry confident edgy uniqueemma elizabeth jewelry confident edgy unique

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