the strangest thing that ever happened to me in a bar involving a vampire.

Let's be honest. I've had my vampire moments. Participating in team Edward vs. team Jacob. But never in my life did I expect to find my jewelry being worn by a "real life" vampire. Back it up. Scenario. Sitting in a bar, laughing with friends ... I casually check the email on my cellular device. My necklace was spotted where? The Vampire Diaries. Yup. On premier night. What the what? Lisa leaves bar immediately.
copper pendant as seen on The Vampire Diaries as seen on The Vampires Diaries
Now this should not have come as a complete surprise. I submitted my necklace to the stylist for The Vampire Diaries...or TVD as known to all the cool kids ...via the incredible The Artisan Group for consideration. But that was in June. This is October. I hadn't heard. I assumed. I should know to never assume.
As seen on the premier episode of The Vampire Diaries As seen on the premier episode of The Vampire Diaries
The stipulation is that the said submitted design must be available for sale if it is indeed....seen on TV. That was the part of the panic that ensued in the bar. I had not fulfilled that part of the agreement. But in my defense...I never thought I would be chosen. And although the most ridiculous excuse to date - this design is exquisitely complicated - truly birthed with thoughtful consideration of whom might be wearing it. Fit for a vampire...or someone with a deliciously magical edginess to them. This design is not for everyone. And I love that. I also wanted it to be something that only an artist with true metal smithing skills could even choose to endeavor as it could not be easily replicated. So there you have it. Studio Jewel by lisa lehmann on The Vampire Diaries. I have had other celebrities wear my back to Dakota Fanning during her Charlotte Web era - and I've even been spotted in Tiger Beat magazine (yeah baby) - but something about this. Something about the mystique. Something about this design. I could not be more thrilled. The necklace is now available on my website. It will be a limited edition due to the nature of the design. If you would like a tiny piece of TVD - click here to purchase yours. copper pendant as seen on The Vampire Diaries copper pendant as seen on The Vampire Diaries Details. As seen on the premier episode of The Vampire Diaries - worn by the actress Elizabeth Blackmore (Valerie) - Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take Original Air Date: 10.8.15 Thank you for celebrating with me - because you know...I can't think of anyone else I would want to share this with. How about we go back to the bar. I'll buy you some champagne? xoxoxoxo, lisa

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