Subscription boxes everywhere a Golden Tote review

Subscription boxes everywhere a Golden Tote review
I have been a sucker for subscription boxes for a very long time. I mean even before they were all the rage. When my man child was 15 months old I stumbled across a box for toddlers. It was $15 a month plus shipping which was pretty steep but it had a toy, a hard cover book, an activity book and something for mom. Those books are STILL some of our all time favorites.

So when Birchbox came around several years ago I was immediately attracted…that little box in the mail is still one of my monthly highlights! I have tried several other monthly boxes, I just haven't told you about them yet. I like to be very sure before I recommend ANY thing to you.

But this subscription is different. It's not a subscription really. Golden Tote. I had heard about it. I was skeptical about it. But I decided for the sake of you…of's all about you…I had to give it a shot!

Here are the details.
The curators of the box are designers, stylists and personal shoppers. Each month they curate a new collection. You check it out. You decide if you like it. No obligation ( I like that part)
You choose 1 or 2 pieces and then they surprise you - based on your profile - with the rest! So your basically shopping for yourself…then they fill in gaps.

Cost: $49 you choose 1 item then they choose 2-3 items (value $250)
OR $149 you choose 2 items they fill in with 5-7 items (value $600)

I jumped in and chose the $149 box.
This is what I chose.(beware lots of photos…I want you to get a really good idea!)
I wasn't sure I loved the nautical dress. But now that I have worn it, I love that it isn't something I would typical purchase. It's a perfect summer dress. It has POCKETS!!! (Day at Sea dress value $45)
This dress is typical me. Long. Flowy. Comfortable. It's a very thin, light weight fabric…but not see through or cheap feeling. Just a perfect summer weight. My equally tall middle girl already laid claims to borrowing it. Good sign.(Hourglass Lily Strapless Dress, value $50)
This is what they sent to me.
First up, these very light weight denim shorts I LOVE! Isn't Willow the sweetest? :)
This dress. Very boho. Very fun. Great back detail. I already wore it yesterday. It might be the perfect summer into fall item!
And this blouse. Normally not a color I would choose…and even more "girly" then my typical wear. But I really like it. I wore it last night with my favorite white denim jeans it was perfect for "date night"!
Then there was this one little…what were they thinking item. It was a floral blouse - I can't even show you. I didn't just dislike it. I hated it!
Here's the catch with Golden Tote. It's an all or nothing deal. Keep the whole box or send the whole box back. I figured for the cost of the box and how many great items I received I was keeping the box. AND there is a trading group on Facebook…so I am trying to find something else.
Either way. I definitely recommend Golden Tote. And I excitedly will check back in a few days when August's box is released!
There is another clothing subscription out there that I have NOT been impressed with. I haven't tried it myself but I don't like their clothing options at all. I thought Golden Tote had very stylish items. Designs for many sizes and shapes. I gave them my measurements and everything fit perfectly - that never happens!
So if you are looking for some fun new items for fall…click here…and get in on the TOTE! Sorry guys…this one isn't for you :)

Happy shopping!

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