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It's summer. Maybe fashion isn't at the top of your list. Maybe the words fashion staple isn't something that regularly slides off your tongue. It's ok, I get it. But...if you WERE to buy ONE piece. ONE design. ONE thing you will love from summer into fall and winter too. What if? And what if that item was hand created out of the highest quality softest fabric you can imagine. I'm not kidding here people. This is some serious stuff. Time to up your summer fashion game. summer fashion staple black shrugMy friend Ria from dressign is an amazing fashion designer based out of Slovakia. She creates clothing items that are incredibly stylish and extremely wearable. That my friends is not a typical mix. Last year I posted about a sweatshirt she created for me...a sweatshirt I adored. A sweatshirt that my daughter has stolen and was last seen! So when Ria asked me if I wanted to try something new, I could barely contain my excitement.
perfect compliment over a tank top and jeans perfect compliment over a tank top and jeans
Just look at this shrug - $64! Fits like a sweatshirt - created JUST FOR ME so the sleeves are long for my gorilla arms. It is my must have summer fashion staple. And unrelated...I think I'm beginning to embrace my wrinkles. At almost 46, I think I've earned them.
throw over a tank top on a chilly night dressign shrug throw this fashion staple on over a tank top on a chilly night
You MUST read Ria's about page to get a feel for her heart and passion. Her philosophy...this is the part that really sticks with me. Ladies, we are not all created equal, amIright? That does NOT mean each of us should not entitled to a great fitting fashion staple. We are NOT one size fits all. And Ria gets it. If you have any fitting issues, let her know, there is no extra charge.
dressign design philosophy
What about a "wrap" over your sundress that takes off the chill but doesn't take away the style of the dress OR look like grandma's sweater?
perfect layering piece over a sundress those shoes though.
i love how it lays - the lines are perfection. i love how it lays - the lines are perfection.
There are so many items on Ria's website that I adore...but if you are going to choose just one, get the shrug. $64 free shipping AND she is offering us a generous 20% off ANY item on her website using the code STUDIOJEWEL until SUNDAY JULY 19! DON'T WAIT. You will never find an item of clothing this stylish. This high quality. This versatile. Hand crafted. In this price range. Like ever.
Go to her site. Stalk her on Facebook and Instagram. And quickly choose your fashion staple. Remember, if you have longer arms...bigger {ahem} girls...or any other body concerns just let her know. And if you are concerned AT ALL with international shipping…don't be. I ship overseas EVERY day…no exaggeration. It is not a big!
I'm in love with my shrug - I have a million ways I'm going to wear it. But first. To hide it from my photographer! And don't forget to let me know what you choose!
sundress. shrug. slip. heels. ready to go! sundress. shrug. slip. heels. ready to go!
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I was gifted my shrug by Dressign Designs and this reveiw was written by me on their behalf. The opinions and text are all mine.

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