This has been a tough summer for me. Really tough. As a homeschool mom, you look forward to summer to finally let your hair down a bit with your kids and just "hang out". But this summer I have been working...a lot. Too much. Although I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do....I hate being a slave to the studio. So every once in awhile...I sneak away and "go play"...and those are my most "favoritist" moments ever. like...a slip - n - slide on a hot afternoon! or sharing iPod speakers with my 13 year old on the beach laughing at with my "boy" over his amazing carnival hat! or giggling at my girls dancing in the lake... maybe a bike ride for an ice cream cone... or being so proud at my 10 year old for baking an amazing dessert! or JUST taking time to lay on a blanket in my front yard.
The summer is almost over...and I have loved every minute I said TIME OUT and spent it with my kids! What have been your "favoritist" moments this summer? Do tell!

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