Teen Fashion a Mom can love

Teen Fashion a Mom can love
Teenagers wearing clothes that you love. Yes, you heard me right. It IS possible. And I'm going to prove it to you!

A week ago I was in Nashville for a conference. I had the privilege of taking my 15 year old daughter with me. But I wasn't just "taking" her...she was going to be working. It all sounded good and fine until about three weeks before our departure.

I had an epiphany moment. Slightly nightmare-ish. A bit stomach churning. SHE would be a direct reflection of me. I knew she would carry herself well, she always does. However, I needed to think of her wardrobe as much as my own. Drat!

Since Anneke works for me, her work clothes consist of jeans, a tank top and an apron - we like to call them metal-smith clothes. Functional? Yes. But so not appropriate for a conference of almost 1,000 women. Double gulp.

So what did we do? What girls do best. We went shopping. On a budget. Hey, I needed new clothes too!!

The goal? Find a few mix and match items she could wear during the day to work in, a couple "evening" type party clothes. All the while keeping her trendy youthful style and look somewhat professional. Oiy!

Over the next couple weeks I will share what we found! I think you will love it

Day 1 - she would be working and setting up a room and working with me at the handmade market - time be artsy and cute!

teen fashion from Blissdom

We chose skinny jeans from Target. A feminine flirty top from Kohl's, layered over a tank top. And cute black flats from Kohl's that would be comfortable for her to stand on all day, as well as fashionable! Her jewels? Well, Studio Jewel of course!

Evening 1 - Introduction night - that equals first impressions! Something dressy yet comfortable, think cocktail party for teenagers!

teen fashion from Blissdom

I found this sequined tank in the clearance section at Nordstroms rack - (they do have an online store!). It is a great place to look for teens, since what is usually left there is tiny sized and super inexpensive. We paired it with basic black skinny jeans from Target and a leopard wedges from PayLess (slight wedge - she has no idea how to walk in heels yet!). Very age appropriate and cute!

Want to get a look like this for your girl? Target and Old Navy offer their skinny jeans online for very inexpensive. What I love about Target brand is that they are skinny, but not TOO skinny. We always do the bend over and touch your toes test - if you are a mom...you know what I mean! I also found sequin tops from JC Penney online!

See? It is possible for a teen girl to look fashionable and fabulous! We will continue to look at her other Blissdom outfits - I think you will like them!

And I promise, no one was harmed in the taking of these photos. Yes, it is only around 30 degrees...but I shot fast! Pinky swear!

Where do you like to shop for your teenager?
Have any tips and ideas you would like to share?

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BE fashionable!



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