Teen Fashion for Back to School

Teen Fashion for Back to School
Teens and clothes. They go hand in hand…right? Well, most of the time. Sometimes it's a battle to get them out of sweats and t-shirts…can I get an amen? But when they want to pull it together, they know EXACTLY what they like, what's cool, and what looks good. And most of the time they are on target…most of the time.
I say most…because I think there are some simple rules to follow when taking your kids - especially your daughters - clothes shopping. First, learn to say no. They are your kids. They need to respect your decisions regarding their wardrobe. But saying "ewww…no way" is not the best choice. Give them the same respect. Tell them why. Why you don't like it. Tell them how beautiful they are are. How much they have to offer and that they don't need to sell themselves short to look like the masses which might equal "trashy".
And on top of that I have to ask…do you know what your kids are wearing? What their friends are wearing? Are you paying attention on Twitter? Instagram? You should be. NOT to be critical…hardly. But to be aware, especially with your daughters. Their bodies are precious gifts. TRUE fashion is not sleazy. TRUE fashion is classy and stylish and accentuates our personalities, not our boobies and booties.
* steps off soapbox *
Let's get to the fall fashion for teens shall we? Here are 10 must haves my two teens, Anneke and Isabel, were on the lookout for.
• army/military style jacket
• converse sneakers
• combat boots
• colored jeans
• skater skirt
• graphic tees
• lace
• long cardigans
• high waisted jeans
• jean jacket
WHAT: military jacket (Aeropostale - I bought one for me from Nordstroms.com) - basic white tee - high waisted distressed black denim jeans (Target) - combat boots (Madden Girl) / I think the braid as to the whole "katniss look" don't you agree?
WHAT: skater skirt (Old Navy) - lace tee (Target) - converse low tops (Kohl's) / I love the mixture of lace and converse - so fun and youthful. and the skater skirt will work well into winter with tights and boots.
WHAT: long cardigan (Tilly's) - graphic arrow tank (Kohl's) - stretch red denim jeans (Platos closet) - combat boots (Kohl's - i was going to buy these for myself until she claimed them!) / and the guitar is not a prop…it pretty much travels with her.
WHAT: denim vested hoodie (long on her "want" list, yesterdays birthday gift - American Eagle) - graphic tee (delia's) - high waisted jeans (Target) - Converse (Kohl's) this outfit suits isabel perfectly and she is totally rockin' it!
I love that my girls nailed their style perfectly. Nailed fall fashion. And nailed looking their age…completely fashionable…and totally appropriate.
Teen shopping and teen fashion does not have to be a painful experience or break the bank. Our first stop for shopping is typically Plato's Closet - you can get a ton if you have the patience to weed through the racks and then try on…try on…try on. Next stop is always Kohl's, because seriously, when is Kohl's NOT having a sale? And my next trick is using ebates - if you have to shop online, you may as well earn money back while doing it. Right? Here's a link to sign up - don't worry, it's free.
Any questions regarding teen style and fashion? Hit me up! In the meantime, I think it's time I treat myself…there are these boots……….

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