Ten Reasons my jewelry is for you

Ten Reasons my jewelry is for you
My jewelry is for you. Let me tell you ten reasons WHY.
  1. You have jewelry needs. It's ok. We all do!
    • When I design that design comes from me. I sense a need in my own wardrobe. Something I want. Something I feel like will make me feel good. Hits at just the right spot on your neckline. Add that bit of layering I LOVE. I want to help YOU fill those voids in your own styling!
  2. You know quality.
    • When you put on a piece of jewelry that is handcrafted, not manufactured, you can FEEL the difference.
  3. You are unique. Your jewelry should be too.
    • Your jewelry helps finish your personal style. Maybe you are jeans and t-shirt girl...well those layers of bracelets...those many stacking rings...those perfectly orchestrated necklaces...yeah...that's what gives you THAT look.
  4. You like having someone help you with style.
    • I want to help teach you how to layer. How to find that look you know you love. I'm not here to just sell to you I want to help guide you on your style journey!
  5. You like unique.
    • Stones are my jam. Putting together one-of-a-kind pieces makes my heart sing. I spend hours drawing and designing. I love every step of the process from pen to metal. Focusing on details. That shows.
  6. You work hard at making sure everyone around you is taken care of...except for you.
    • It's amazing how one piece of jewelry can make you feel special. Treasured. You deserve that.
  7. You love that free-spirited bohemian look but have no idea how to do that.
    • Often. It's in the jewelry. I can help you with that.
  8. You feel stuck in a jewelry rut.
    • Same jewelry day in and day out. You need something to mix and match and change your overall look.
  9. You have been looking for the perfect gift for that hard to buy for person in your life...you know the one...we all have them.
    • You want to wow them...my little black boxes tend to come with a guaranteed smile along with an ooh and ahh.
  10. You value human. Not commodity.
    • I promise to always be right on the other side of this screen. I do online live events. I will always answer your emails. My desire to connect with you is strong.
  11. Bonus reason.
    • I make really beautifully awesome jewelry. And maybe that is reason enough!
I realize you can shop a million places. Whether that be a local establishment or a host of places online. So when you DO choose to shop with me I am profoundly grateful. This is my livelihood and I am so blessed to be able to do what I love every.single.day. But when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of it? I do it for you. NOTHING makes me happier than when I hear how much you love your LLD, how it was the perfect gift, how it makes you feel. YOU are my why. So. If I haven't said it enough....thank you. Thank you for making this possible. xooxoxoo, lisa
handcrafted custom personalized jewelry artist.maker.dreamer.

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