Ten Things I Hate, or dislike greatly as I would have my kids say

Ten Things I Hate, or dislike greatly as I would have my kids say
  1. Bra shopping. Need I say more?
  2. My knees. Someone once told me I had big knees, needless to say...it stuck.
  3. Feet. Mine are fine. Yours near me are gross and disgusting and if you touch me with them I will hurt you.
  4. Being cold. And I must add. Living in Michigan, I am cold 98% of the time.
  5. My hands. Dainty, lovely, I'm a girl hands...I don't have those. I work with my hands, I am proud of their ability...they just ain't pretty to look at!
  6. When people use the word "like" like all the freakin time. Like "ahhhhhghghghgh"!
  7. Olives. I keep trying. I keep hating.
  8. Public speaking. Fear, nervousness, sweat.
  9. Piles. I mean those little monsters of just this and that, that grow into hideous piles of "I don't know where I put it, but it must be in here somewhere and I AM going to go through it". Now you know, right?
  10. Alarm clocks. I am not opposed to getting up...but that dang, "beep. beep. beep." makes me want to hurt someone.
And that is all for now.
What about you? You must have somethings that absolutely set you off. Come on...be not afraid...share!
You are so loved
xoxox, lisa

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