The best skin tool EVER … my new favorite thing

The best skin tool EVER … my new favorite thing
You know those certain things you wish you had? You think about. You corner fold the catalog page. You study online. You might even put it in your cart. But you don't buy it.
You even have friends tell you it's awesome.
Still. No go.
It's expensive. Is it really worth it?
Then you look in the mirror at your skin.
You think. Not bad. I mean not bad for 44. But…not great either.
You're not getting facials. You're not spending a fortune on "magic" creams.
You begin to justify.
And then. Then QVC..yes I just said QVC…has a Today's Special Value of said desired item. You might send your husband a link. You might realize he hasn't even begun Christmas shopping yet so you, in actuality, are helping!
He got the hint!
Merry Christmas.
Hello my precious.
Meet Mia. I didn't name her. Really. She came with a name!
She is a mini Clarisonic. A baby actually. But to me she is perfect!
Clarisonic is the go to name in facial cleansing. Originally developed for skincare professionals to be used in treatment. Then recommended by dermatologists…blah blah blah. I had read the hype. I had heard people say they love it. I wanted one. I needed Mia.
But they are expensive! Ranging in price from $99 - $225. The Mia, the smallest, least expensive model was a great deal on QVC. A great way to give it a shot.
Well guess what? I love her.
She's small.
She's powerful.
She deep cleans.
She is gentle.
She has sonic power.
She is pink.
What's not to love?
I believe my skin is smoother. Brighter. Softer. I have very few wrinkles. Is that due to Mia or good genetics? Probably a little of both.
Here are some of Clarisonic's details….
If you have ever considered a Clarisonic…I say go for it. Your skin is worth the investment. And honestly? It's cheaper than a lot of the hoopla out there people are willing to pay for. 60 seconds. Morning and night.
Did I mention she's pink?
Hey, I wonder if Mia can make my horrid goldsmith hands look good? I wonder what would happen if I use her with my Satin Hands? Oh my….the possibilities!
This is my honest opinion. Because I really love Mia. Clarisonic doesn't know I posted this. QVC doesn't know (or care). This is all about things I love. Things I just want you to know about. My favorite things!
If you own one I'd love to know what you think?

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