The Stress of Being a Entrepreneur

The Stress of Being a Entrepreneur
The Stresses of Being a Entrepreneur ...
Yes, it's exhilarating. Yes, it's rewarding. Yes, it's fun. Yes, it's stressful. And hard. And infuriating. And tiring. And some days it makes me want to tear my hair out. This is one of those weeks. Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. It is not for the wishy-washy. You can not go at it half-hearted. It takes commitment. Passion. Resilience. Drive. And a bit of reckless abandon. It takes a willingness to work all day and stay up late. It takes the ability to walk away from something that might be "fun" when you have work to do. It takes sleepless nights and sore muscles. But when you have a goal. When you see it within your grasp. There is NOTHING like it. That's when you reach for one more rung of the ladder. You pull from deep down inside, that "something" when you feel as if there is nothing left. It's one more tweet. One more edited photo. One more wire cut. One more soldered join. One more. You can do it. Just one more at a time. Is it worth it? Oh yes. (Remind me of that at 4am when I consistently wake up in a state of panic. Seriously. Every night.) Why do I put myself through all this? Why not work for someone else? Why? Why? Why? Easy. So I can do what I love. So I have the ability to work at home. So I can build something I am incredibly passionate about. So I can use my giftedness. Because THIS is who I am. I am Lisa. I am an artist. I love to create. I love to create things that make other's happy. It's my mission. It's my mantra. So hand me some cucumber slices will you? My eyes are kinda puffy! and remember.... BE creative, lisa

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