My top 5 favorite photo apps

My top 5 favorite photo apps
These are my favorite photo apps to take your phone photos from mediocre to stellar. It is critical to make your visual social media stand out from the crowd. I love anything photo related. Photography is my jam. I studied it in college. THAT is what my degree is in. And although I know film. I shoot with a DSLR. I love me my iPhone. I can take some amazing photos with this little device that is ever connected to my hand. Last week in Vegas at the BAM conference I took this photo and captured a stellar moment with my daughter. ( the cool thing. The JW reposted this photo on all their social media!) photo editing apps for photography But it is in the apps. It does take a bit of finessing and editing. Not much. Just enough. See this before and after. The image gets brightened. Tones evened out. And details enhanced. Viola! phone photo apps before and after Here are my top 5 favorite photo apps.
  1. Snapseed. It's my go to. I use it FIRST. It only allows you to take one photo and then edit if you use the camera in the app so I just import my favorite photo. It was free then it wasn't free now it may be free again. Either way. Worth it. It's professional editing at your fingertips. I use the Tune Image for brightening and changing shadows. And Details to sharpen. I love the fact that it has a Selective option for just that, selective editing. Maybe one spot needs a bit brightening, but not the entire image. There are some crazy editing features included. My advice? Stay away from options like Glamour Glow or Drama unless you know what you're doing. Otherwise people see your edits. NOT your photo.
  2. Camera+. What I love about this photo app is the camera control. When you use the camera in Camera+ it has features like a stabilizer, options for manual shooting, and the ability to adjust exposure. There are some fun filters, but they aren't awesome. But this is my go to app for taking product photography. It's basically like using a "real" camera. It takes a bit of getting used to, but highly worth it!
  3. VSCO Cam. This is another amazing photo app for the camera. It has all the functionality for shooting it right the first time. But has amazing one tap filters. It does come with some to begin, but then you have to purchase more. And you will. But usually they are about $.99. The filters are very high quality and don't add a lot of noise. You may have noticed that in other apps. You add a filter and suddenly your photo doesn't look as great. Also easy sharing. And there is a bit of community on VSCO as well. You can follow people and vice versa. (if you need yet another social media community!)
  4. FaceTune. I almost hate to mention this app because it's used SO poorly. People distort themselves into bad botox, facelift, mannequin looking people. Don't do that. I beg of you. What it IS amazing for. Whitening teeth. Removing blemishes. Bags under your eyes. These are basic edits I do in photo shop when I edit photos so I love the option on my phone. Just don't take yourself to a place where you don't look like...well, you. Ok?
  5. Word Swag. Everyone needs an app to add text to photos. I have several. Word Swag is by far the most simple. Import a photo. Add text. Choose your favorite layout of said text. Save photo. It has some saved templates if you have the quote but not the photo to go with it. Did I mention how easy it is to use? You can purchase more font options if you wish, but quite frankly, it comes with so many. And you will find your favorites. Trust me. I use it to add my website to the bottom of all my jewelry photos for posting on Instagram - takes me minutes!
That is a good start to get going with better photos. We live in such a visual society it is imperative that the images you put out "there" are beautiful and eye catching. There really is no excuse for a bad photo. Confession? I have 3 folders on my phone with photo apps so this really is just touching the ice berg, but also the crème de la crème so to speak. No excuses. Do some downloading and get shooting. much love, lisa

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