Weekend Family Fashion - getting our spring on

Weekend Family Fashion - getting our spring on
It's almost here. I can smell it. The greens are getting greener. There are fly-ey things in the air. And I'm sneezing. Oh yes, the beauty of spring! I love it.
This weekend the girls and I did our best interpretation of spring-ish - knowing it's still a bit chilly. Here's how it went down - the spring fashion version.
On our big shopping trip to Indy last weekend I picked up this fantastic "faux" leather vest from Wet Seal. Yes I know it's a teeny-bopper store, but this vest was calling out my name, and at $29, how could I say no? I will be pairing this with everything this summer. Maxi dresses, tank tops, v-neck tees...everything. In this ensemble I went for a little rocker vibe.
Lace is HUGE for spring, and this cute shirt has a built in tank top which added just the right amount of "girly" to soften the rocker look (Forever 21). And I love just the peek of sleeve from under the vest.
Accessories. Simple mixed metal bangles, and only earrings - all my own designs. I like this combo a lot, and so what if I'm 6'1" with the heels...I've learned to embrace my height!
Again with the lace trend, Isabel found this super sweet tank at Charlotte Russe. With all the lace options out there, you have to be careful at what becomes too "see through". This top has a built in tank top top underneath that allows the detail of the lace to show at the bottom. Totally feminine.
Paired with these fantastic high waisted jeans from Delia's it's cute and trendy and very age appropriate. Of course you could not PAY ME to wear high waisted jeans, but on her they look amazing! Very flattering! Accessories? Purity ring - my design. Hair elastic on wrist - hers. :)
Ruching. Another spring trend. One think I truly love this spring is that everything is very girly and feminine yet it has an "edge". That suits me - and my girls - just perfectly! Anneke's top came from H&M one of our favs.
The top has enough detail that a simple pair of skinny jeans and flats is all she needs to pull it together. Simple jewelry and a sweet pair of aviators....done!
Tahlia, of course, embraces her own style. She picks what she's in the mood for and creates the trend. Love that about her. This weekend she was in a "country cowgirl" mood.
Such a great transition outfit with the corduroy and bright color shirt, mixed with white leggings. And denim is ALWAYS a perfect choice - every wardrobe needs a jean jacket.
Accessories? She's rockin her One Direction clover necklace - mine and Hebrew ring. I think she looks very age appropriate!
Oh, don't forget the boots. Another staple. Well, at least in our home!!
This is our weekend fashion. All the outfit details are below. We are still dreaming of warmer days, but at least we know they are coming. Ahhhhh-choooo! {bless me} xoxooxooxoox lisa

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