white shorts for summer. you need a pair. fashion tip tuesday.

white shorts for summer. you need a pair. fashion tip tuesday.
Shorts. A summer necessity. Yet I have always dreaded them. Too short. Too long. And let's be honest. My legs are not what they used to be. And then there are my teens and tween. Finding shorts that meet my approval is NOT easy. Do I really want to see your butt cheeks? Or anyone else's for that matter? I think not.

However, it's summer. You cannot wear pants forever. And white shorts? Well, they are just the perfect warm weather item. They make even the whitest of limbs look tan…it's true!
It's time to embrace who we are and enjoy the warmth of the season with a pair of these beauties. They are like a blank canvas! So many possibilities! Trust me, you still have to wade through the teeny tiny shorts that look like they fit infant butt. But it is possible.

I have two pairs of white shorts that are my go-to's. The first pair is a bit shorter than I usually go, but they are casual…fun…and cheap…thank you Target! $19.99 5" inseam - I love them. I wore them on my vacation over my bathing suit…I dressed them up with a navy striped shirt (hello nautical!) and wore them with a fabulous camp style tank top from Old Navy…a bit of white on white. Cami tank top here.

The second pair is from the Gap - boyfriend roll-up linen shorts. Longer inseam. Totally relaxed. Light weight perfection.

For my girls it was a bit tougher to find long shorts. It's as if "they" want our daughters to show some booty. Gross. One of my favorite options is the high waisted short. Even with a shorter inseam it at least doesn't look like a tiny band across their inseam. Target and Old Navy had high waisted options. Anneke found some fab denim shorts at Kohls. Cute details. Long inseam. And even a belt! They don't have them in white online…we found ours at the store. Best part? Kohl's is ALWAYS having a sale.

Other great options for finding your perfect pair? Ann Taylor Loft. They have TONS of options! I thought these crocheted trimmed pair were s'cute!

Now you have em? What to pair with them. Ummm..anything. Thus the beauty of the white short. Ok, too vague. Here's my favorite ideas.

  1. Nautical. Classic. Gorgeous. Clean. Perfect. Choose a navy and white shirt or tank. Add a pair of tennis shoes like SuperGa or Converse and you are a vision of summer!
  2. White on white. This is one of my favorite looks. A button down shirt tucked in. Add a brown belt and strappy flat sandals. Done. Want more casual? White t-shirt and tennis shoes. Use a scarf for a belt to add a touch of color. Viola!
  3. Denim. Choose a light weight chambray top. Add a skinny belt and a pair of colored flats. You look amazing.
  4. Chilly evening. Add a loose flow-y sweater. Tennies or flip flops. Easy breezy casual. And that is what summer should be!
  5. And black and white is an awesome combinations. A cami tank top. A t shirt. A blouse. Anything goes.
Ok, fine. I'll show you what I mean!
shorts: Target shirt: Platos Closet bag: Steve Madden shoes: SuperGa jewelry: StudioJewel.com
shorts: Target shirt: Old Navy shoes: PayLess jewelry: StudioJewel.com
shorts: Gap shirt: Forever21 belt: American Eagle shoes: PayLess bag: Free Endearment jewelry: StudioJewel
shorts: Target sweater: H&M shoes: Converse jewelry: StudioJewel.com
shorts: Target shirt: OldNavy shoes: ShoeMint jewelry: StudioJewel.com


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